Who is Maria Menounos?

I edit a section called Snaps. Two spreads of celebrity pics – posed and papped. Every week, I sit down with a designer, writer and picture assistant to work out which pics to include. That involves riffling through a ton of celeb pics. And that’s where it gets tricky. Because more than a month into the swap and I still don’t recognise all of the celebs popping up.

So the edit meeting tends to go like this:

Me: ‘Ooh, that’s a great shot. Love a celebrity with a dog.’
Designer: ‘Yeah, me too. It’s a good shaped pic too.’
Me: ‘Nice.’
Picture assistant: ‘And it’s a very recent shot too.’
Me: ‘Cool. Let’s run it. Oh wait, who is she?’

Ok, it’s not quite as bad as that but I’m still struggling despite reading People, Life&Style, Page Six, the Daily Mail and every other sleb rag out there on a daily basis to bone up.

I’m getting better, though, and only stumbled over one of them this week: this woman.


She’s called Maria Menounos and despite being told who she is every week since I got here, I still never remember. She’s my celebrity Achilles.

What’s interesting is which Brit celebs pop up. Kelly Brook. Who knew? Lulu. Yup. And Alexa Chung. Does she still live here?

At any rate, I’m doubling my celeb knowledge – I am multicelebular for better or for worse, and I am bringing back a whole ton of cover suggestions for Fabulous mag. Menounos you’re up first.

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