My friend came to town

My friend Anna came to visit this week. She’s a musical theatre director, which goes some way to explaining why we saw 3 Broadway shows in 4 days, as well as a vocal harmony group gig and a ton of cabaret acts at jazz club Birdland.

But the emotional high in a week of saccharine happily ever after perfs was when a group of young uns in Joe’s Pizzeria asked me if I was doing an internship when I told them I worked at the Post. Love the youth of today.


Also love Joe’s. Favourite NYC pizza so far. Lombardi’s is a bit Domino’s and Artichoke is too much grease and cream for more than one slice.

And so the diet continues…

2 thoughts on “My friend came to town

  1. SO glad you went to Joe’s. There is no pizza like it in the city. One time, I went late-night and had three slices in a row. (Cause one is really just a snack.) SO good, right??

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